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We’ve had this little chap living out the back recently

It's beyond ironic that two of the most essential "tools" that I use to build free software are Discord and GitHub.

While we are on the subject of attention-sucking corporate garbage, can somebody explain to me why a large part of the free software community has chosen to jump on the Discord bandwagon?

Discord is closed-source, non-free software that is not intended as a tool to improve anybody's work or lives. Please can we all stop and rethink this.

GitHub's tagline is now "The world's leading software development platform". Fuck everything to do with this corporate marketing bullshit Microsoft.

Phrases like "it's a market in human futures" are profound and accurate but far too technical in an economic and humanistic sense to be able to compete with whatever else is on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. But a well-produced drama mixed with credible and engaging interviewees is an approach worth trying.

The semi-dramafication is the kind of thing that normally makes me turn off very quickly but I understand what they're trying to do in this case. One of the great challenges facing those of us who see surveillance capitalism for what it is is communicating to the greater public what's actually happening and what the implications are

It really hits all the right notes, and rightly focuses mostly on the surveillance capitalism angle - one of the great economic changes in the history of capitalism and one that most people are completely unaware of

The woodward tapes are gold but this guy has already burned Trump once: what was he thinking talking to him on tape?

As we were saying, more Trump revelations. Buckle in for an entertaining ride over the next couple of months, but it guarantees no particular outcome on November 3

Pretty damn sure it's one of those learning processes that's making me a better overall programmer though

Slowly but surely I am osmosising Rust's ownership system... sometimes it even feels like it's coming naturally

My guess is that news organizations have been saving their Trump gotcha stories for the election run-in, and this is the first of many...

How and why does bluetooth work so badly, while still being completely essential

An oldish but nice article encompassing my three preferred modern programming languages: Rust, Go and Elixir

It feels pretty great to be able to build dynamic web applications without a single line of JavaScript.. thanks WebAssembly

BBC News’s take on how to talk about the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

Not much surprise that the UK electorate at large has such difficulty engaging with the challenges facing the world today.

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