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As we were saying, more Trump revelations. Buckle in for an entertaining ride over the next couple of months, but it guarantees no particular outcome on November 3

Pretty damn sure it's one of those learning processes that's making me a better overall programmer though

Slowly but surely I am osmosising Rust's ownership system... sometimes it even feels like it's coming naturally

My guess is that news organizations have been saving their Trump gotcha stories for the election run-in, and this is the first of many...

How and why does bluetooth work so badly, while still being completely essential

An oldish but nice article encompassing my three preferred modern programming languages: Rust, Go and Elixir

It feels pretty great to be able to build dynamic web applications without a single line of JavaScript.. thanks WebAssembly

BBC News’s take on how to talk about the impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

Not much surprise that the UK electorate at large has such difficulty engaging with the challenges facing the world today.

Or more specifically the more-easily self-hostable Rust backend of Bitwarden:

Wondering how I've used password managers for as long as I have without trying Bitwarden

Johnson is banging on about “world-beating testing” again. Even if it was true by any meaningful measure, why frame it like that? Are we in competition with the rest of the world? Only if you are a politician trying to deflect as much responsibility as possible.

“While it’s a clear and present privacy risk to upload such data to the Garmin cloud, we’re all familiar with the trade-off: there’s only 24 hours in the day to worry about things, and the service just worked so well.

Until yesterday.”

Wondering if others see the climate crisis as being as profound and urgent as it actually is - but are too busy/scared/overwhelmed to acknowledge it honestly and openly? Or is it just a question of plain ignorance of the subject?

Hacking on some HLS streaming stuff: segmenting audio streams, creating playlists, figuring out how all the parts fit together.

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