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Just discovered that I still followed Subversion-related tags on Stackoverflow

“...every time I can remember helping someone track down the source of their connection problems, the culprit has turned out to be their wifi. And often, the easiest fix has been to run a cable.”

So true, I’ve given up trying to do video conferencing over WiFi. Plugging in a cable never fails.

A few years old but the best introduction to futures and streams in async Rust that I've found yet.

Lots of great points here, and I'd love to see blogging and personal websites make a sustained and meaningful comeback. (I'm doing my bit.)

But if the open web is to be truly open then truly open solutions are needed. Services like might be independent today, but they are no more open than setting up a Facebook page. Is there a way to self-host a static or simple dynamic site that's truly as easy to use as a Facebook page? If not, how can it be built?

Of course we expect nothing better from Dominic Raab but his notion of taking the knee “coming from Game of Thrones” neatly illustrates the incredible level of cluelessness that the current UK administration routinely achieves.

"Failure to account for the scale factor can create a significantly degraded user experience. Most notably, it can make users feel like they have bad eyesight, which will potentially cause them to think about growing elderly, resulting in them having an existential crisis. Once users enter that state, they will no longer be focused on your application." 😂

Just a few weeks ago, the Rayshard Brooks killing would never have been classified as homicide. It would just have been yet another act of police brutality with no consequences for the perpetrators to be added to the list.
It's a small positive change that means nothing unless it is sustained and institutionalized, but it's also an example of the power of mass peaceful protest.

“You can’t have it both ways... You can’t say a Taser is a non-lethal weapon ... but when an African American grabs it and runs with it, now its some kind of deadly, lethal weapon that calls for you to unload on somebody.”
- Attorney for Rayshard Brooks

Impressed with how `pip install` works out of the box. More package management systems should support this.

The question is not “should the Baden-Powell statue be removed” but why the fuck was it installed in 2008, years after people like me with only a passing knowledge of the subject were well aware of his history of deeply racist, homophobic and Nazi-supporting behaviour.

Why is rewriting history considered a bad thing? I thought it was pretty standard procedure for historians.

Linux command line tools that I inexplicably always forget about, #1: `tree`

So many good reasons to avoid giving money to Amazon, and their supposed ban on police use of the facial recognition technology that they have spent years developing and marketing gives me no reason to reconsider.

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