“While it’s a clear and present privacy risk to upload such data to the Garmin cloud, we’re all familiar with the trade-off: there’s only 24 hours in the day to worry about things, and the service just worked so well.

Until yesterday.”


How can we get the whole world thinking about and talking about this subject? Together we could still (maybe) fix it.
But right now it feels like there are seven billion people mostly with the heads in the sand.

Wondering if others see the climate crisis as being as profound and urgent as it actually is - but are too busy/scared/overwhelmed to acknowledge it honestly and openly? Or is it just a question of plain ignorance of the subject?

Hacking on some HLS streaming stuff: segmenting audio streams, creating playlists, figuring out how all the parts fit together.

No surprise that an “advertising standards agency” in truth acts as a gatekeeper for carbon-heavy industries. theverge.com/2020/6/30/2130811

I might have to set up a self-hosted Invidious (in a VPN tunnel?) github.com/omarroth/invidious

Implementing a systemd timer to trigger periodic incremental backups. Not missing cron so far

I realized that I must spend 90%+ of my computer time in just two applications: Firefox and a terminal emulator.

Trying out alacritty as a terminal emulator. It has built-in Vim key bindings 😍

In what kind of dystopia is a citizen forcibly sedated with half a gram of ketamine... by a firefighter??
RIP Elijah McClain.

New Firefox installation. First things first: ublock origin, HTTPS everywhere, privacy badger, DuckDuckGo essentials, multi-account containers.

Is there already a simple ultra-privacy focused Firefox distribution that automates this stuff?

Successfully installed Arch Linux for the first time 🎉 🐧

The daily "We work remotely" jobs alert email has more-or-less quadrupled in size over the last few months

Even though it should be obvious, it still spins me out that apps (desktop, mobile or browser) can arbitrarily read from the clipboard. The security model is 100% trust-based in most cases, for often highly sensitive data.

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