Which programming language am I writing again today

For example a blanket implementation of a trait for every type that implements `ToString` often isn't possible because so many other blanket implementations overlap with `ToString`

Experiencing conflicting traits in Rust. It would be nice if the compiler could be less strict in disallowing overlapping trait definitions

Rust milestone: the first time I've ever had a reason to implement a method which consumes `self` 🧙

Looking forward to never worrying about migrating to Silicon or whatever

And top of my list to try out:

- Matrix
- Lemmy

My three most-used self-hosted applications right now:

- Mastodon
- Gitea
- Invidious

Less than 4% of the world's population took an international flight in 2018, and 1% caused half of the total aviation industry carbon emissions.


Microsoft doesn't want to "stand up for developers" at all, nor do they want to make a point about copyright circumvention law. It's just about keeping their audience happy and protecting their investment.

`goimports` is really great, there should be a Rust equivalent

Why have I never thought to hack on bittorrent stuff. This is actually a really fun area.

It's difficult to tell whether this is laziness, incompetence, an inexplicable desire to signal "we still like you" to Trump, or some combination of the above.


Starting to systematically delete GitHub repositories and migrate everything to Gitea

US counties with the highest Covid new-cases-per-capita figures reportedly voted overwhelmingly for Trump.


Dominic Raab bizarrely still feels obliged to brown-nose Trump in his congratulatory message to Biden. Completely pitiful.


Wow. It sounds like Trump is having a major meltdown.

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