Tucker Carlson is surely on the way out if Trump goes next week. This is just poor.


Wow, how much more coherent is Trump's 2016 closing argument compared to today's? Perhaps this is as significant as covid in explaining why he is polling domestically as badly he is.


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DRM is evil. If someone won't sell you DRM free media on your terms, pirate it. RESIST.

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Jaime Harrison seems like a compelling candidate in SC. I hope he has the momentum to unseat one of the most shameless and corrupt Washington politicians

But I can’t see the polling being that innaccurate. Sadly of course that doesn’t necessarily imply a change in the hope situation either.

If Trump does somehow get back in then it will be because on some level the American electorate has seen the big picture and has completely given up hope. You don’t vote for Trump if you have hope for the future, only for much more ambiguous reasons.

Looking at the right’s denial and underplaying of Covid, it’s impossible to not see the parallels with the climate crisis. When it’s difficult to make the majority of the population where a facemask how can we convince the population to accept the sacrifices that are to come?

Looking forward to the end of orange buffoonery in a few days. At least we very much hope so.

"This argument may only be specified by team admins on paid teams."

Fuck you Slack.

I thought Slack was bad. But keeping up-to-date with Discord messages after one has joined a few servers is even more difficult.

It never fails to surprise me how much boilerplate Go needs to render an HTML template of something

Hacking on some proc macros this week which is about as fun as i've had programming for a long time.
weblog/lib.rs at feature/proc-macro · rfwatson/weblog

So it turns out that switching between two computers sharing a single monitor and keyboard is a surefire recipe for typing login passwords into public Slack channels 🤦‍♂️

It's 2020 and I'm finally able to sync my desktop and mobile browser tabs. You gotta take what you can this year.

Testing out iOS 14.

Like many hostages I feel strangely grateful to Apple for finally allowing me to set Firefox as my default browser.

We’ve had this little chap living out the back recently

It's beyond ironic that two of the most essential "tools" that I use to build free software are Discord and GitHub.

While we are on the subject of attention-sucking corporate garbage, can somebody explain to me why a large part of the free software community has chosen to jump on the Discord bandwagon?

Discord is closed-source, non-free software that is not intended as a tool to improve anybody's work or lives. Please can we all stop and rethink this.

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